Hey Stranger!!! How You Been?

In my last blog we explored the levels of Cuffing Season  how its merely just regular dating with an urban title. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Well in addition to Cuffing Season lies another season that runs parallel as well. Many may not experience the thrill of Cuffing Season but Im pretty sure 93.99986755574% of people who have experienced dating have received that random text from somebody that either tried to pursue them or that you have pursued. It typically is received on a Monday or Tues, between 9 am and 10:30 am,  the text simply says Hey STRANGER! How you been?

Why on Monday or Tuesday? Simple. They are trying to see if youre free for the upcoming weekend! The early gets the worm right? (See what I did there?!!!) LMAO

When you receive that text you are officially entered into the Hey Stranger season.

The Hey Stranger season follows almost the same guidelines as Cuffing Season but some major tweaks.

For starters, you have already had a previous intimate relationship with whomever sent you the text. Whether or not it was sexual matters not. But its always from somebody you either use to date freely, had some sort of title with, or somebody you use to smash previously.

Some type of combination if not all three will normally apply.

Why is a previous intimate relationship required? Wellhow else would they know when to text your phone knowing youre up  either at work or on your way to work? They are already familiar with your schedule  more importantly they feel comfortable contacting you that early in the morning.

Another thing that is unique to Hey Stranger season is the time-table. Yeah, it runs parallel to Cuffing Season but it goes WAY faster most of the time. Mainly because 1- you have rapport already built up with that person, 2- youve already discovered what they like and dont like, 3- theres a good chance you just wanna hook up with them to have Hey Im in town sex.

I dont make the rules. I just report them.

Think Im lying?

Think about it.

How many of you all get that Hey Stranger text around homecoming from folks coming in from out-of-town or from folks asking if youll be coming in town?

How about the holidays? Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, New Years Eve, Fourth of July, your mommas retirement party, etc.

Once again I dont make the rules.

Hey Stranger normally strikes around homecoming  holidays but they can happen year round.

Did you get cut from the roster during Cuffing Season? Dont fret! Youre eligible for a Hey Stranger text.

That typically happens about a month after they are out of whatever said relationship arrangement after they realize Damn, I chose the wrong person. Its also typical to happen a day or two AFTER they have accidentally run into you out about. You know after youve run into them at the mall, Wal-Mart, the gas station, etc. That text is probably like Hey Stranger! It was nice running into you today/ the other day! Thats the opportunity they take to shoot their shot at trying to get back. Sometimes theyll send you a direct message via social networks. CarpeDM as a wise woman once told me.

Why does this happen?

Who knows.

Maybe the grass is actually greener on the other side I suppose.

Maybe time healed all wounds they are ready for something real.

Maybe you just looked good in your outfit.

Maybe they are under the influence.

Told youI dont make the rules, I just report them.

I do know this though, whether its you that does this or its you that receives this one thing is certainyou got a decision to make.

Will you shoot your shot?

Will you accept the Hey Stranger text?

Or will you be petty like me and respond like this?

hey stranger 

Yep. This actually happen. Who I said it to matters not. But I meant it though.



Let pause for a random petty dance.

Hold on.


Im petty. But Im consistently petty. Especially if youre not my woman  you insist on being in my texts talking about Hey Stranger. You should already know this. In my opinion Hey Stranger texts are slick just as disrespectful as Good Morning texts when youre in a relationship. You dont agree? Well check this old blog out then tell me how you feel about a Good Morning text.

Well let me hop off here. Im pretty sure somebody will be irate in emails or in my mentions on Twitter feeling some type of way. But like I always  say on there though, if it dont applylet it fly!

Yall be easy

Two fingers and Im out

Theo has left the building.

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